Warranty Policy

Each and every controller purchased by us will come with a lifetime warranty on all non-moving electrical components. MegaMods will consider the warranty void if the aforementioned electrical parts (non-moving parts) are damaged.

Warranty disclaimer

Parts or components of controllers covered under warranty

  • All immovable or non-moving electrical parts
  • Bumpers
  • Thumbsticks
  • Any components or parts modified by MegaMods

18 months warranty

  • Thumbsticks – In case you have a malfunctioning thumbstick, we will have it repaired or replaced, whichever is considered best by our technicians.
  • Bumpers – MegaMods will have your bumpers replaced if it is broken.
  • Hardware defects – In case you find that your controller has any malfunctioning hardware (including the hardware components that were modified by us), we will have it repaired for you.
  • Shipping costs – We won’t be held responsible if your package is held up somewhere because of failing to pay the shipping costs. Every customer must take up the responsibility of handling the shipping charges.
  • Up to a period of 18 months, your controller is protected against all kinds of manufacturer defects.

24-month gold warranty

  • Get protection against manufacturer defects for up to 24 months.
  • In case of spilling fluids on your controller or dropping it on hard surfaces, you can make use of the trade-in program and request a new controller.
  • You get priority support from MegaMods.
  • With a prepaid label, you can get your controller delivered to your doorstep without paying a delivery charge. (Only includes domestic shipping)
  • Have your bumpers and thumbsticks repaired or replaced for free if it starts to malfunction.
  • Get your controller repaired for free if there are any hardware defects (includes the hardware modified by MegaMods)
  • Adding new game features or updating the firmware will be done by us without any fees.
  • In case you want to exchange your old MegaMods controller for a new one, you get to pay up to 50% less.

Basic warranty

This is free of cost, and it does not include any hidden fees. It has a duration of three months.

Basic warranty does not include:

  • Controller damaged by water or other liquids
  • Controllers that have been forcefully opened
  • Thumbsticks and bumpers repair

How to send a request for repairs

You can send a repair request by emailing us at the email address provided below. When sending a repair request, please make sure that you mention your name and the order number. As soon as we get the mail, one of our friendly team members will contact you and help you identify the problem.

If it is found that your controller has a minor issue which can be fixed quickly, our technician will give you detailed instruction on how to fix it. If it’s a significant problem that needs to be repaired or serviced, you’ll receive the directions on how to proceed. It’s as simple as that.

Your controller’s warranty information

Please read our warranty policy carefully to avoid any confusion. It will also help us serve you better.

For further details, please email us at contact@megamods.net