Xbox One Controller Skins

Tired of the same black controller that you and everyone else every day? We got you an exciting variety of high-quality vinyl skin to revamp your Xbox One Controller. The array of design is bound to bring back your enthusiasm and boost your gaming person.

You can customise the Xbox One controller skin according to the design of your choice, from solid bold colours to subtle graphic details in high resolution, you will never mistake your controller from the others again.

Controller Protection

]With the Megamods 3M vinyl skin for Xbox One controller, you can carelessly concentrate on your gaming and not worry about scratching the controller or spilling drinks over it. It is also made of grease free and dust free material so you can enjoy your snacks while you touch the controller between breaks without the fear of slipping and losing control of the grip.

Precision Fitting

At Megamods you can also choose from different textures that vary from leather, natural stone, wood, carbon fibre, gloss, matt and many more. Since we specialise in customising skins, we ensure that there is an option for all types of gamers and style choices.

We take each measurement of the controller and how that affects the gaming into consideration, and we know the comfort of holding a smooth controller on your hand which is why we take the fitting as one of our main priority. To ensure that the skin fits perfectly, we use precision cutting and customise the design to match the buttons and controls on the console so that the gamer can comfortably use it.

High Resolution

We place a top priority on the resolution of the prints we offer to our clients. High-resolution graphics looks fresh, and add more quality to the decal. We also use high graphics so that they do not fade away soon and that each little details in the pattern are noticeable.

Easy To Apply

Our Megamods skins easily stick to the controller, and they are lightweight so you won’t feel the difference in the overall performance of the controller. It takes less than 5 minutes to install on your own, and the instructions are simple to follow. You can easily stretch them out with hot air from a hair dryer and make it fit properly. In case you want to remove the skin or replace it, you can easily do so by peeling them off. It will come off easy with leaving any trace of glue behind.

High Quality Stickers

By providing high-quality decals for the Xbox One controller, we wish to encourage the gaming community to express their personality and style on these accessories. We aim to deliver functionality and durability in all our products, and even though the skin is not permanent protection, we hope to extend the longevity of the controller. We offer premium quality decals that are custom- selected, precisely fitted and reasonably priced.

So if you are looking to revamp the way your controller looks and feels, check out our wide variety of Xbox One Controller skin and decals to personalise your gaming accessory.