Xbox One Console Skins

Unlimited Designs

Made of the toughest 3M vinyl our Xbox One console skin is built to withstand the roughest handling and most competitive gamers. The material we use is at par with the toppings that city buses and Mercedes use so you can be assured of the quality and durability of the material. It has a great feel and does not modify the original structure of your console. It is lightweight and provides a comfortable grip and protection.

Whether you want to stick to the original black colour in a matte or glossy finish, or if you’re going to add some spunk with marble or camouflage patterns, you can choose and pick from the thousands of options we have for you. If you want an exclusive one-of-kind wrap, we offer you precise details of all your expectations.

Did you know that changing your appearance also changes your attitude? Same with our decals! We aim to boost your adrenaline and bring back the excitement of playing on a new console with our customizable designs and give gaming personality a new avatar!

Accurate Precision

Our MegaMods skin is cut to precision, and we pay attention to each detail. Graphics are places and measured to look their best and have the maximum visual impact. We have immaculately perfected the dimensions of the Xbox One through our years of customising and fitting various consoles.

We know what works for which side and button and you can trust us to bring it to life with the designs you pick. From colouring the joystick to illuminating the control buttons, you name it; we present it!

High Resolution

Whether it is a doodle or an artistic rendition of the classic arts, or just a solid colour, or a graphic theme, we can bring your visions to life on your console. Not only do we love the look of our final products but e also find satisfaction in watching our clients feel the same excitement they felt when they first got their hands on the Xbox One. We make every design feel like you own a new gadget and we are happy to change them for you as often as you want.

We place a top priority on the resolution of the prints we offer to our clients. High-resolution graphics looks fresh, and add more quality to the decal. We also use high graphics so that they do not fade away soon and that each little details in the pattern are noticeable.

Easy To Apply

Our Megamods skins easily stick to the controller, and they are lightweight so you won’t feel the difference in the overall performance of the controller. It takes less than 5 minutes to install on your own, and the instructions are simple to follow. You can easily stretch them out with hot air from a hair dryer and make it fit properly. In case you want to remove the skin or replace it, you can easily do so by peeling them off. It will come off easy with leaving any trace of glue behind.

Solid Texture

All decals and skins produced by Megamods can be customized, and we also offer a wide array of textures that you can choose from. Depending on the kinds of games you play, how often and what your style is, choosing the right surface for the console skin is crucial in monitoring your gameplay. It is not going to make you play better immediately, but once you are comfortable with the texture you choose, you are more likely to use it more often and what do they say about practice makes perfect!