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PS4 red skull controller shell

Vampire skull PS4 Controller Shell

Retro PS4 Controller Shell

PS4 tri-color gasoline controller shell

Tri-Color PS4 COntroller Shell

PS4 clear purple controller shell

Clear Purple PS4 COntroller Shell

PS4 brown wood controller shell

Wooden PS4 COntroller Shell

PS4 sakura pink controller shell

Sakura Pink PS4 COntroller Shell

PS4 great wave controller shell

Great Wave PS4 COntroller Shell

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The Best Sticker Skins for PS4 Controllers

With our wide variety of designs and textures, we offer you premium quality 3M vinyl material PS4 controller skins, decals and stickers. They are customizable according to your style and protection requirement. The compositions and patterns we provide vary from matt, camo, glossy or brush metal to carbon fibre, wood, natural stone and leather.

We have all the textures possibly available anywhere because we understand the need for exclusivity and we want to ensure that you find all the right options to select from in one stop. We feature unique artwork by various artists, and we also accept orders from personalised sketches and pictures to give your controller a dramatic effect.

Benefits using PS4 Controller Skins

Our PS4 controller wraps are printed with the highest resolution that any printer allows on a custom skin material. We ensure that you get the most realistic print of your expectations. This becomes especially handy when we do customised print so that we do not miss any details.

High-resolution colours, patterns and precision are what make our wraps stand out from the copies to gives your controller a vibrant and exclusive look.

Easy To Use

Using skin on any controller can be tricky if you don’t follow the instructions correctly or if the surface is made of poor quality. We ensure that you are thoroughly briefed about the installation process and how to remove them. They can be repositioned and stretched with a hair dryer makes it easy to refuse or wrap any air bubbles.

Megamods PS4 controller skins are designed to prevent trapping of air bubbles while putting them and leave no adhesive residues while removing them. We check every product to ensure that there are no defects and that you receive what you expect.

Precision Fitting

During our years of experience, while creating a customised skin for numerous PS4 Controllers, we have learnt the pros and cons of precision cutting. We take immaculate measurements of all our orders.

We cover the front handles, the touch pads, action buttons and analogue sticks. Depending on the areas you want to wrap, we check each detail and provide fitting and well-textured skin for all the parts on your controller so that you are comfortable to use it even through intense games.

Premium Quality

With these exclusive skins that are not only customizable for the style and feel of it but are also functional, we aim to encourage gamers to explore their potentials and improve their gaming skills. The decals that we offer are top class material, and we do not compromise on the quality of any PlayStation models.

Our graphics are a super high resolution to mark the authenticity of our work. By introducing premium quality accessories from our brand, we hope to bring together a community of gamers who bond by the style of brand choice. So if you are looking to upgrade your gaming persona, give your controller a refreshing touch too!

Made for Durability

Even though users tend to change their Playstation 4 controller skin often, we make sure that the wrap is durable and can withstand any handling and gaming style. Our Megamods skin protects the Playstation 4 controller from dust, water, grease, scuffs and scratches so that your original covers are intact and durable without peeling the skin off on its own.

The anti-sweat grip texture makes it easier for you to use the controller longer and have better control over your navigation. The UV resistant feature on the controller skin also makes it fade resistant so that the controller holds its original colour even you use it regularly.

Exceptional Designs

A PS4 skin isn’t worth the money without accuracy. Our premium precision cut skins are made to stand out like the controller is a 3D version of whichever design you choose. We understand the temptations you get to scratch through little- missed details while you are waiting for your game to load, but we will not allow that to happen.

We ensure that every button and port fits the skin to perfection without compromising on the comfort and function of the controller when you hold it.

Infinite Customizing

With our most explicit PS4 skin customizer, we can give live previews of how your controller will look once the skin is spread. If you do not like the appearance, you can change it before we apply it permanently and keep trying until you find the perfect design that expresses your identity and aesthetics. The choice of motifs is unlimited.

You can choose from battleground themes to nature or high-end fashion themes and artistic graphics or give us your customized prints, and we can have it in decals specially tailored for you!

Why Choose MegaMods for Your PlayStation 4 Controller Stickers?

Megamods design and procedure are not unique to the brand, but we make sure you have your orders personalised to make it unique. We offer endless designs with multiple textures and precise fittings. Our aim to ensure that your controller is dust/water/scratch resistant while giving you the comfort and the feel of the gamepad form.

We also aim to bring out your personality and your style with the thousands of designs available on our site. We use in-house experts to create all the prints and tutorials, and we also ship worldwide.

Once you have the Megamods PS4 skin on your controller, expect to have an upgraded enthusiasm and be ready to be the talk of your gaming circle whenever they speak of the coolest gaming controllers. Choose your best style and feel the reality of the virtual world with your eyes and your hands.