PS4 Console Skins

Custom & Design your PlayStation 4 with Sticker Decals

MegaMods PS4 console skin is manufactured with a high-quality 3M vinyl material that is globally used for race cars and other electronic accessories. It is guaranteed to stand quality against another brand, and you can bet your winnings on the originality and the superiority of our skins.

We don’t compromise on the quality of the material used no matter what colours and textures you choose. We want to make sure that you get the best use out of the durable, easy to install or remove skin. Our PS4 console decals are safe to install on your own and removable with easy step without leaving traces of adhesives behind when you do want to change or get rid of it.

Exceptional Designs

A PS4 skin isn’t worth the money without accuracy. Our premium precision cut skins are made to stand out like the console is a 3D version of whichever design you choose. We understand the temptations you get to scratch through little- missed details while you are waiting for your game to load, but we will not allow that to happen. We ensure that every button and port fits the skin to perfection without compromising on the comfort and function of the console when you hold it.

Infinite Customizing

With our most explicit PS4 skin customizer, we can give live previews of how your console will look once the skin is spread. If you do not like the appearance, you can change it before we apply it permanently and keep trying until you find the perfect design that expresses your identity and aesthetics. The choice of motifs is unlimited. You can choose from battleground themes to nature or high-end fashion themes and artistic graphics or give us your customised prints, and we can have it in decals specially tailored for you!

High Resolution

Our PS4 wraps are printed with the highest resolution that any printer allows on a custom skin material. We ensure that you get the most realistic print of your expectations. This becomes especially handy when we do customised print so that we do not miss any details. High-resolution colours, patterns and precision are what make our wraps stand out from the copies to gives your console a vibrant and exclusive look.

Why Choose Us for Your PS4 Console Skins

Megamods design and procedure are not unique to the brand, but we make sure you have your orders personalised to make it unique. We offer endless designs with multiple textures and precise fittings. Our aim to ensure that your console is dust/water/scratch resistant while giving you the comfort and the feel of the console form. We also aim to bring out your personality and your style with the thousands of designs available on our site. We use in-house experts to create all the prints and tutorials, and we also ship worldwide. Once you have the Megamods PS4 skin on your console, expect to have an upgraded enthusiasm and be ready to be the talk of your gaming circle whenever they speak of the coolest gaming consoles. Choose your best style and feel the reality of the virtual world with your eyes and your hands.