Stickers, Wraps & Skins for Console Gamers

It’s been more than a decade now since you were able to customise smartphones, laptops and other electronic gadgets. With the introduction of skins, stickers and decals, you are now able to add personality to your gaming consoles as well.

With the funky and wide array of skins and decals for your gaming console, you can upgrade the looks of the dull and boring black accents on your gadgets. Skins and stickers not only add an aesthetic touch, but they are also beneficial in many ways.

Sticker Features:

At Megamods, we provide customised skins and stickers for your controllers and consoles for PS4, Xbox One and other gaming consoles. We offer quality vinyl and different textures. The prints are high resolution with any colour imaginable to make your skins glam or highly realistic.

The skins we provide are water, dust and scratch resistant and precisely cut to fit each nook and corners. We ensure that they are fingerprint and grease resistant so that your console always looks and feels clean. They are easy to install and remove without leaving traces so that you can change them whenever you like.

Protects from Scratches

Besides the aesthetics, installing skins and decals for gaming console also protects the body from scratches and damages. The vinyl decal covers the whole console so in case you want to pass on your console, exchange or resell it after you use, it will still have it original cover intact, keeping it good as new.

Add Personality

When you have friends over or when you share your gaming console, adding the personalised decals make your property stand out right away. You can choose designs that suit your personality and add a unique vibe to your console.

Better Grip

The stickers and decals for gaming console are made of different materials and textures. Depending on the type of console and the uses, you can choose textures that best suit your gaming style to give you a better grip.


The skins are made from superior vinyl, the same material used in vehicles and city buses. This is to ensure that the coat is durable and continues to protect and deck your gadgets for a long time.


The best part about using skins on your console is that they are easily removable and they don’t leave permanent scratches, adhesive or residue. They are completely removable which allows you to change the design whenever you want.


Skins are literally like real skin. They are thin, flexible and extremely lightweight. You won’t even feel the difference in weight with or without weight it on your gaming console. They usually measure about 5mil thin and vary in textures.