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Build your own custom Xbox controller

Customize An Xbox One Controller

Gaming controllers always came bundled with every Xbox One console you purchase. There was that time when everybody used that same bundled gaming controller and everything was just the same. But custom Xbox One controllers are the most important part of your gaming world.

It can’t be just compromised and work as let it be. It’s something that needs to be customized according to your preferences. It’s something that should adapt to you and not you adapting to the gaming controller.

There is a need for evolution for these gaming controllers that have become an old generation with time. This is where comes the role of a custom Xbox One controller come in. As the name speaks for itself that it is custom so you can get customized controllers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What’s A Custom Xbox One Controller?

The custom Xbox One controllers are far more efficient and functional than the original bundled ones. They are far better in reducing stress levels of your fingers providing better maneuverability. These custom gaming controllers are now the topmost choice of professional gamers and many new gamers are also using these custom controllers to enhance their gaming experience to the next level. You can also try these custom gaming controllers to make good use of your gaming skills.

Buy custom XB1 controllers from MegaMods and let your hands feel the same legacy as these professional gamers. We let you customize various types of skins and vinyl here at very low cost. You can get the best quality custom Xbox One controllers and their custom controllers are on sale, so that you can get your hands too on these custom gaming controllers.

Controller Features:

It’s not only the external looks that made these custom controllers awesome, but it’s also their internal features that are on par in comparison with any of the original gaming controllers. If you take a normal Xbox controller and compare it with a custom Xbox controller, you will not find much difference other than colors or stickers, but when you plug in both the device and use them one-by-one you’ll get to feel the top-notch difference in a single shot.

You can even tell the difference with your eyes closed. It’s so updated that you can’t take your hands off of it without totally exhausting yourself, but the controller will always be ready for you to take on the further challenges. Its additional features are so good that it doesn’t slow you down. So, let’s see what is packed inside these custom Xbox gaming controllers.

Rapid Firing Mode

This feature lets you fire your weapons a bit faster than your opponents. It is needed at very crucial moments where you are taking your opponents head-on and assaulting towards your target.

You want your weapon to put down every single bullet into your opponent so that you won’t stop until their health point is fully drained. It lets you fire more bullets in less time saving that crucial extra seconds for you that you need further in-game.

Easy Quick Shots

If you are taking down your opponents from far range through sniper then you need these continuous quick shots so that you don’t have to wait for slow reloading and recoiling of your weapon.

Custom Xbox One controllers allow you to fire multiple shots in less time so that you don’t get alarmed in the heated situations. It also increases your efficiency and critical kills when sniping by taking down more opponents at a quicker rate and higher accuracy.

Fast Reload Time

One of the most irritating situations is when you are near your enemy and your weapon starts reloading, getting you killed most of the time. But these custom controllers are equipped with faster reloading feature to give you more time firing than taking time to reload. This can save you from the most critical situations where you are stuck with multiple enemies.

You can do extra damage to your opponents when you reload faster, increasing your battle points too.

Aimbot Mod

These custom Xbox One gaming controllers are equipped with an Aimbot that helps you in accurately aiming your opponents. This is one of the most useful features for those who lack the accuracy to aim at opponents while moving.

The whole aiming part is taken by the Aimbot and you just have to pull the trigger to get the job done. This helps in easily killing your opponents and combo headshots to gain extra battle points. It can help you in acquiring better positions in gaming leagues if correctly matched with your gaming skills.

Button Remap

You also get a feature called button remapping. This term can be new to most of the gamers, but it’s one of the best features bundled with custom gaming controllers. This feature is used to assign functions and controls to the buttons according to your preferences.

This means if you are feeling tough adapting on a new control pattern, then just remap those functions on the buttons according to your choice. This is a very useful feature to get fast adaptation with new games that have different buttons for a different function. If you are feeling difficulty with your game, then remap your control and charge for it.

Budget Friendly

This is the most exciting feature of the custom XB1 controllers as they are not that costly, especially when you buy custom Xbox controllers from MegaMods as we provide the best in class controllers at a low cost. Sales are running on our site which lets you get your hands-on updated Xbox One controllers.

We also have the best user interface which looks more soothing and easier to handle.

Get a Custom Airbrush Paint Job for Your XB1 Controller

Xbox One Controllers have one of the highest numbers of users in the world, due to its top-notch features and capacity. However, if you desire to upgrade your gaming experience, you can decide to add little additional features to upgrade the look, functionality, and performance of your Xbox One Controller. One of such additions is having a custom airbrush painting for your Xbox One Controller.

Why would anyone need a custom airbrush painting for an Xbox One Elite controller? This type of customization would enable you to personalize the look of your Xbox One Controller as you desire.

You can make your personality reflect on your Xbox One Controller. This would give a new experience to your gaming time. Using an airbrush painting to customize your Xbox One Controller would enable easy identification of which is yours and separate yours from that of others.

The unique look your Xbox controller would have after airbrush painting gives it a distinct appeal. You can also decide to use your favorite colors as a blend to give your Xbox One Controller an endearing feel. Our custom airbrush painting would bring to life whatever colorful look you can ever imagine for your Xbox One Controller. All you need do is communicate your desired color or color combinations and trust us to do the rest.

Also, our airbrush painting is done with great expertise and professional technique. You need not worry about it breaking or cracking with time. We assure you of its durability even if constantly used over a long period. This is because we use quality paint that is resistant to weather and atmospheric conditions.

We also ensure the right combination and blend of colors to make for a perfectly thin coat. We also guarantee that your device would have no brush marks when dry. This custom airbrush painting is one to give your Xbox One Controller an excellent luxurious look.

Why Should I Get A Custom Xbox One Controller?

The gaming world has become too competitive nowadays. Players from different regions and countries compete with each other in a world level showdown. Some top-quality players can take you easily with a blink of an eye. Many genres of the game are now available for different gaming consoles. These gaming consoles allow a gamer to experience top notch gaming quality at high speed so that you don’t slow down in between your game.

Today games are so amazing that you can play them restlessly without any further delay. To control these heated situations players have to depend upon the gaming consoles and their controllers. It requires high graphics handling with higher frame rates to let you enjoy your fantasy world lag-free. It takes high skills and adaptive controls so that you can go through every obstacle standing in your way to conquering this fantasy world.

The world of gaming gives you extra peace of mind as you can do whatever you want. You have the platform to showcase your skills throughout various levels. This world provides you with multiple options to rule with your skills like shooting your way through the terrorists or climbing to top-spots crushing through blacklists and so on.

To handle this amazingly, you need amazing gaming consoles like Xbox One which run your games efficiently and amazing gaming controllers to control your character without any limitations. As everything changes, the change in the world of gaming is also taking place in both the software and hardware part. Now the gaming consoles and controllers both have become smart and fully functional like Xbox One.

The original gaming controllers are now being replaced by custom gaming controllers. These custom gaming controllers have conquered the gaming world and made them more real than ever. They are packed with numerous new features and functions to ensure exceptional gameplay. Let’s see what is there inside these custom gaming controllers and how are they better than original gaming controllers.

Benefits and Additional Features

These custom gaming controllers for Xbox One come with dozens of additional features which makes it better than original gaming controllers. We are not saying that these original gaming controllers that come bundled with gaming consoles are not good. They are good, but they are not better. They are just normal Xbox One controllers with limited functionality and limited features. But these custom gaming controllers enhance the real-time gaming experience by providing some additional features that are important when you are competing with other players.

Gamers love to customize their games and settings in their way so why not customizing the hardware too. Customizing means it will look and work according to your preferences. You can customize the skins and choose from thousands of skins available or create your skin for your custom controller here at MegaMods.

The many benefits of using a Custom Xbox One Controller to enhance your gaming experience include:

Enhanced Looks

Using a Custom Xbox One Controller enables you to personalize the look of your Xbox One Controller in such a way that it fits your unique preference and need. The advantages of getting a customized look for your Xbox One Controller have been discussed above.

Enhances Winning Chances

This customization enhances your chances in an ever-competitive world. The best bet is your opponents are also locating and acquiring game devices and gears that would also give them an advantage during game time.

What Games Can I Play With a Custom Xbox One Controller?

Your Custom Xbox One Controller is just like your regular Xbox One Controller, only with added features to give you an advantage. Therefore, it can perform the functions of your original Xbox One Controller and even more. These Custom Xbox Controllers are the best fit for playing First Person Shooter (FPS) Games.

These games enable you to take control of your gaming environment and allows you to be as effective as you would desire. These games that make your adrenaline pump in excitement as actions heightened; the best way to fully absorb every minute of your gaming experience would be to use a Custom Xbox Controller.

Using these customized controller enables you to shoot faster during gameplay. It also ensures you have quick reflexes to escape from targeted danger. These controllers have chips embedded in them that are programmed in line with your character in the game. This amazing innovation helps eliminate extra unnecessary moves you would want to take to hit the target.

Using your Custom Xbox One Controller would also enable you to reload faster giving you a greater advantage over your opponents. You would use less time to load while focusing on attaining your target. Using this Custom Xbox One Controller also gives you a more accurate target at your opponents.

Custom Xbox One Controllers do not just place you at an advantage over your opponents but enable you to withstand the pressure of an ever-competitive gaming world. It also ensures you get the best out of your FPS gaming time while improving your probabilities at excelling.

If you must play, why not use everything possible within your arsenal to ensure a win? Custom Xbox One Controller enables you to enjoy your world of fantasy with little or no obstacles. The added features give you more adaptability skills so you can easily overcome every challenge your gaming character will face.

Why We’re The Leader In Customizing Xbox One Controllers

While deciding as to where to get your Custom Xbox Controller, ensure it is a store that can offer you the highest available quality. MegaMods can be trusted to deliver on this. MegaMods is an online shop run by a group of skillful gamers and centered on increasing the quality of your gaming experience. This is achieved by creating high-quality mod gears at affordable prices and in different varieties; suitable for both the beginner and the expert game player.

Other reasons why you should choose MegaMods as a company include the following:

  • High Quality
  • Huge Variety
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Fast Shipping
  • Customer Support

Once you make contact to place your orders, you are guaranteed to receive them in perfect quality and on time. You can get all the benefits the enhanced features would give at very low costs. The costs are very budget-friendly and you do not need to break the bank to get a Xbox One controller customized like you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize my Own Xbox One controller?

Yes. You can customize your controller for Xbox. There are several options you can choose to mod your controller and make it tailor-made for your gaming requirements.

What does custom controllers do?

There are a number of cool things that custom Xbox controllers can do for you. They include:

  • Allows you to game for longer without tiring out your limbs
  • You can reload a lot quicker
  • Your accuracy in firing also becomes more precise
  • You can also fire multiple shots which give you an edge over your competitors

Can I get banned in games for using custom controllers?

No, using custom controllers will not get you banned by game developers. If you are wondering why, the changes performed on the controllers are superficial. The modifications can ease the strain on your limbs and facilitate your gaming abilities.

But these changes do not alter the code of the game in any way. If this was the case, it is considered illegal. So if you have a concern regarding the legitimacy of using modded controllers, it is a legit concern. But you can stop worrying.

Are These Controllers Legal?

Custom Xbox One controllers don’t violate any gaming laws and it’s not considered a cheat so you can play without any worries. These are just modified devices that let you use your skills more efficiently with better accuracy. This also reduces your stress level by minimizing your effort and itself doing most of the work.

If you work hard on your skills with these custom gaming controllers then you can open your way to being the best player in the world.

What’s the difference between a normal and custom controller?

There are two main differences between normal and custom Xbox One controllers. These are:

  • Custom controllers are characterized by extended triggers, LED lights, and extra buttons
  • Custom controllers also look a lot more cool and interesting than the generic appearance of normal controllers

Can I choose what mods my controller will have?

Yes. And this is one of the fantastic reasons why more and more people are customizing their controllers. The ability to choose from the different mods allows gamers to add variety and spice to their gaming experience.

Can I choose the controller design and color?

Yes, you can choose the designs and colors according to your preference. At MegaMods, we have an extensive collection to suit even the fanciest tastes in terms of designs and aesthetics. We welcome you to browse the different colors and designs in our collection.

What’s the shipping time?

Your current location strictly determines the shipping time. Therefore, it can be anywhere from the next day delivery to a couple of weeks. However, we are dedicated to making the quickest delivery for our esteemed clients. If you would like to know the precise shipping time with respect to your location, feel free to contact us at

Can I order controllers worldwide?

Absolutely! You can order your custom controllers from anywhere in the world. Of course, you have to be covered by a shipping service. We have customers from across the globe who has been regulars, and we are honored to serve them. And we are happy to do the same for you.

What games can I play with custom controllers?

With an Xbox One custom controller, you can pretty much play All First Person Shooter games. There is no reason to give up playing your favorite games like Call of Duty just because you made some changes to the console controller.

In conclusion, why settle for less when you can have more? Regular Xbox One Controllers have great amazing features but Custom Xbox One Controllers offer so much more. These enhanced and added features that cause an upgrade in look, structure, functionality, and performance ensure you get the most exciting gaming time. Besides this, you have added advantage over your opponents and your winning chances are further increased.