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What’s A Modded Xbox One Controller?

The MegaMods Xbox One controller is one of the most advanced modded Xbox One controllers in the world, and this is because it comes equipped with a host of advanced features which are not available in the original controller. Featuring rapid-fire, fast reload, quick reload, button re-mapping, and much more, you’ll have a huge upper hand.

Shoot faster, reload quicker, and modify the modded Xbox One controller as you want it. We also offer PS4 controllers for those on the other side of the console world.

Controller Features & Mods

There are a lot of modded Xbox One controllers for sale with each offering their own unique set of modification features. Modded controllers are designed and upgraded with additional features not found in the original Xbox Controller. These features would include faster reloading, button remapping, faster firing. You also get to customize your Xbox Controller by modifying its features and functions.

The modded Xbox One controller known as Evil stands above the rest. It comes equipped with a lot of unique features that makes it stand out.

When we talk about features and mods, these Xbox One controllers have some very unique ones. Make sure you understand what kind of game you are going to play with the brand-new controller so that you get the ultimate gaming experience from it. There are several features modded controllers can offer you, read more in detail about them below.


One of the essential attributes of a controller is its ergonomics, and the way it feels in the hand while playing. These modded Xbox One controllers have been built in a way that allows for a vast variety of customization based on your gaming style, the size and the ergonomics of your hand.

The variation of customization that can be performed on the design front of this MegaMods controller as such is endless, and thus allows you to achieve maximum efficiency, speed, and precision while playing your favorite titles.


The controller also comes with an extensive variety of D-pads and thumbsticks, allowing for much immersive experience. The build quality of the controller is also excellent, with it featuring rubberized grips, low friction buttons and rings, and durable joysticks and buttons as well.

Coming to the Paddle system, these Xbox One controllers comes with four interchangeable paddles which can be detached and attached according to your wishes. The paddles allow you to map different type of functions and also respond to multiple button actions.

Colors & Addons

The MegaMods Xbox One controllers can also be had in a variety of colors which offer superb finishing and detailing adding further luxury, uniqueness, and appeal to the controller. The controller can also be fitted with custom face plates as well adding a more personalized touch to your modded Xbox controller.

Though the controller comes equipped with all these features, functionality and modifications, it has been priced very modestly, allowing you to have a good gaming experience without the need to shell out a fortune.

Custom Configs

Another unique feature of modded controllers for Xbox One is that the controller can be customized with the help of the Xbox App Accessories, allowing you to create several profiles.

You can create various profiles adjusting the trigger and button sensitivity, remapping the buttons, adjusting the brightness, etc. and these profiles can be switched with just the push of a button.

LED Indicators

Our modded Xbox One controllers come fitted with LED indicators which show an array of colours. These led indicators can perform a wide variety of functions, which range from allowing you to toggle modes, program custom numbers etc.

These LED indicators as such will convey you with gaming information without causing any distractions.

Configure Remapping

MegaMods XB1 controllers also come equipped with a modification switch, which allows you to change or rearrange your controls on the fly without any disturbances.

As such based on the type of game you are playing you can adjust the configurations to increase speed, accuracy or even improve the overall gaming performance.

Triggers & Paddles

Another unique thing about MegaMods controllers is that the paddles can be set up in such a way to remap controller buttons with ease, thus allowing you to configure your controller with just the click of a button.

The thumbsticks are made of real metal, offering good tactile feedback and requires minimum effort to operate. They also come with extended triggers.


Coming to the design, build-quality and modularity of the controllers, these modded console controllers have been designed with high-quality materials offering superb build quality.

The main body is made of high-quality plastics, while the grips have been rubberised allowing you to engage in more extended sessions without any discomfort.

Benefits of Modded Xbox One Controllers

The Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, boasting a vast user base and also featuring tons of gaming titles which cater to a broad audience.

The Xbox One features a competent and feature-filled controller; however, if you want to take your gaming experience up a notch, then you should invest in a modded controller. A modded controller allows you to add extra functionalities to your stock controller, enabling you to experience much more immersive gaming.

Using our modded Xbox One controllers will benefit you in many ways. With the extended triggers and rapid-fire mod, you’ll have quicker reflexes and be able to shoot faster.

These controllers help players by boosting their gaming experience. How? Well, each controller has a specialized chip in it that is programmed according to the game character that you are playing. It helps to remove any extra moves by clicking the option for you inside the game, so you get the upper hand.

For example, if you have a chance to ult someone inside a fantasy MMORPG, but often forget the right timing to do so, the controller can help do it for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the chance to kill the opposing player and win the game.

These controllers are made by modding companies who specialize in making the mod chips that you get along with the thematic look of the controllers. Since these companies are not forging fakes or hacking the controller hardware, Microsoft and Sony allow these companies to work as they do since it benefits them as well. Players get a new kind of experience that increases the company’s reputation and willingness to purchase the product.

Remapping Buttons as you Desire

Sometimes, you kind of feel like your gaming experience is all headed in the wrong direction because you can’t get the attack combos right. This can happen because your fingers don’t click the right buttons at the right time, or it may seem odd to you.

Feeling like some hand movements are odd is completely natural, but it can hinder your gaming experience a lot since most combos depend on fast, you can click the right buttons.

A solution to that problem would be to remap the buttons as you desire. Modded controller companies offer controllers that have buttons in different positions than what you think.

You can always get the companies to manufacture a controller specifically for you, but again, it costs much more than your average controller. However, if you have the kind of passion for a game, let nothing stop you because it’s worth it.

Reload faster in FPS games

With fast reload mod you can reload your weapons in FPS games a lot faster than normal, which will give you a great upperhand. This mod is pretty self-explanatory and lets you reload your gun much faster than other players so you can focus on shooting and spend less time stuck in reloading your gun.

Auto-Burst for your weapons

Who doesn’t like to go berserk in a game that is all about what kind of gun you have and how you use it? However, there are some guns you can’t enter the berserk mode, such as semi-auto and single-shot weapons.

This mod allows you to continuously fire away using the buttons present even while you have a single shot or semi-auto weapon in your inventory.

Auto-Spot enemies

This mod may be a bit towards the cheating side because it lets the player see other players on the radar. With this ability, you can always be ready for an attack or plan one while you’re playing the game.

Why You Should Get A Modified XB1 Controller

You may be wondering why you should buy yourself a modded Xbox One Controller? Yes, the use of Modded-Xbox One Controllers in many ways enhances your gaming experience; taking it to a whole new level of excitement as well as entertainment. These benefits can be broken down into the following:

Modded Xbox One Controllers enable you to add extra features to your controller, personalizing it to your taste, allowing you to express your individuality through your controller and equipping you with an enhanced controller.

Using these Modded Xbox One Controllers eliminates unnecessary moves you would have to make during the game because a chip that has been programmed in line with your gaming character has been placed inside the controller. This way, it guides your moves so unnecessary moves are not made. This chip also ensures that you do not miss the necessary steps towards getting rid of your opponent.

Using a modded controller also affords you the opportunity of remapping your buttons according to your preference and needs. This way, you can access the buttons more easily and faster. It also helps make your attack as fast as possible.

While playing First Person Shooter (FPS) Games, the use of Modded Xbox One Controller gives you the advantage of loading your gun faster so you end up attacking quicker; staying more focused.

The use of a Modded Xbox Controller also helps you locate your opponent’s right on target so you can take advantage of that opportunity to attack.

Why MegaMods is the leader for Xbox Controllers

If you are in search of the right place to get your Xbox One controller modded, you need to look no further as MegaMods remains the best and most reliable suppliers of such Controllers. The amazing features included in the Modded Xbox One Controller include enhanced features of buttons and triggers, varieties of colors and adorns, customized configurations, LED Indicators, Paddle and Trigger Settings, Modification Switch and Better Ergonomics.

Other reasons why you should choose MegaMods as a company include the following:

  • Quality: You can get top-notch quality gaming gears and controllers from us. This gaming gears would come in different designs and accessories. When you get yours from us, you can be assured of the best of long lasting, unique products that come with the most unique designs.
  • Variety: Getting your product from us would guarantee you variety. You would be given different choices to make a selection from, in order to create the desired Ps4 controller. You get to make your device in such a way that your ideas and preferences are reflected in the end product.
  • Worldwide delivery: Your location should not pose as a problem or a challenge to you getting your Ps4 Controller. We guarantee that we have the capacity to make deliveries everywhere in the world. We do not only meet you wherever you are but also do so within a short time.
  • Fast Shipping: Our shipping services is quick enough to guarantee you get your orders as early as promised. Late delivery should not be a part of your concerns as we take extra measures to prevent issues of late deliveries.
  • Customer Support: The major aim of everything we do is to ensure our customers are not just satisfied but fulfilled. Our customer service team are available twenty four hours, every day of the week to receive your orders or attend to enquiry. Once you make contact to place your orders, you are guaranteed to receive them in perfect quality and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Mod my own Xbox One controller?

Yes, you can mod your Xbox One controllers. In fact, a lot of top gamers all over the world are upgrading their generic out of the box controllers to make them customized. If you have contemplated about customizing your controllers, give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

What does modded controllers do?

Modded/custom controllers do pretty much everything that normal controllers do, but better. These modified controllers allow you to game with more accuracy and speed. You will also be able to game for longer durations with a modded controller as they are more comfortable to use and reduces the strain on your arms.

Can you get banned in games for using modded controllers?

If you are wondering whether using a modded/custom controller can get you banned by the game developers, you can relax. You will not get banned for using these controllers while gaming. The reason is that; the changes made to the controllers do not have the capacity to tamper with the game’s software. So using the modded/customized controllers is totally safe and legal.

The extra features added to the Modded Xbox One Controller is just the chip included that enhances the speed and accuracy at which commands are given and executed. It enables you to include personalized details and modifications to your Xbox One Controller that would make your gaming experience more adventurous, exciting and entertaining.

This does not guarantee you being victorious at all times; if it does, it loses the whole thrill of the entire gaming experience.

Is it Legal and Safe to use these controllers?

Yes, modded controllers are entirely safe to use even while playing online multiplayer. The modified Xbox One controller doesn’t tamper with game software files; hence, it’s not bannable, unlike hacks. Modified Xbox One Elite Controllers are perfectly legal to use.

The fact remains that though Modded Xbox One Controllers are not officially recognized by the makers of Xbox, this does not imply that using them breaches any legal agreement or put you at any risk with the law. These devices do not alter the game software files in any way to give their users extra advantage. So it places your account at no risk of being banned.

What’s the difference between a normal and modded controllers?

The main difference between a normal and modded/customized controllers is in their altered appearance. Modded controllers have better graphics and the overall aesthetic upgrades in the form of extra buttons as well.

But of course, the difference is also in terms of performance. You can shoot a lot faster and with enhanced accuracy with a modded controller. Another difference between the two controllers is that the level of strain in your hands will also be noticeably less while using a modded controller.

Can I choose what mods my controller will have?

Yes, you can choose the mods according to your gaming preference. At MegaMods, we allow our clients to select the mods that they want. The freedom to choose the mods is about half the fun in getting your Xbox One controller modded. Modded Xbox One controllers are one of the best console accessories you can purchase for yourself.

We’ve explained every single thing that we believe is crucial to understand why modded controllers can be a really sweet deal to improve your gaming potential and just have fun with it.

Can I choose the controller design and color?

We don’t know about others, but our clients can choose their own designs and colors. We understand that everyone has unique tastes, which is why allowing them to pick their preferred designs and colors is important to us.

Feel free to take a look at the designs and colors we have in our inventory.

What’s the shipping time?

The shipping time for modded controllers can be anywhere from 24 hours to a week. This is because our customers are scattered in all parts of the globe. However, we are determined to deliver the controller into your hands at the quickest time.

You can mail us at, if you want detailed information for your location.

Can I order controllers worldwide?

Yes, absolutely. Irrespective of your location on the globe, you can place your orders with us.

What Xbox One games can I play with modded controllers?

You will be able to play All First Person Shooter games with the modded controllers. It just means you will be playing a lot better with the modded Xbox One controller.

Keep in mind that these Xbox One modded controllers are just like any device that serves as an Xbox One gamepad; it does not automatically turn you into a champion. It can only help enhance already acquired skills.

You still need to get yourself acquainted with the game, develop your winning strategies and improve on your skills over time with practice. Every game comes with its unique winning and losing probabilities; using the Modded Xbox One Controller does not automatically grant you a win at every game.