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What’s A Modded R6 Siege Controller?

Do you want to dominate and terrorize your competition in one of the hottest games known to humankind? Now you can easily dominate and kill your enemies with the modded Rainbow Six Siege controller for PS4 and Xbox One that is being offered here exclusively at

This controller was made explicitly for R6 Siege and comes with mod packs such as auto-aim, rapid-fire, quick scope, fast reload and much more. With our PUBG controller, you’ll dominate every match you play. We also offer the ability to build your own PS4 or Xbox One controllers with our controller-builder for your own specialized look.

Controller Features:

At, we are happy to announce our new customized controller for Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One and PS4. You want to dominate the rankings and elevate your statistics when you play. Our new modded Rainbow Six Siege controller for PS4 & Xbox One gives you the essential ability to play the game at optimized higher levels.

This new controller offers you as a player better maneuverability with a style and appearance your friends will be jealous of. This exclusive controller gives you the player greater control with the ability to change the features of the controller. If you would like to learn how to have more fun with Rainbox Six Siege, continue reading about how this new controller can bring you results you have only dreamed of.


Our Rainbox Six modded controller gives you the real ability to customize your buttons and even set your hot-keys. The controller itself is incredibly lightweight and will provide you with a serious edge against other players. Let us warn you now; other customized controllers don’t bring you the features or benefits of our unique device.


Aiming is extremely important in any FPS game like Rainbow 6 Siege. With our modded controller you’ll get mod packs such as auto-aim, rapid-fire, fast reload, quick scope and many more. This will help you gain a massive advantage over your opponents.


This modded R6 Siege controller for Xbox One and PS4 gives you a noticeably comfortable and customized snug fit that any hand-size can enjoy. This controller conforms to your hand and gives your fingers the leverage they need while using a firm grip. You can have maximum flexibility and maneuverability that stock controllers don’t bring.

Benefits of Using A Modded Controller in Rainbow 6 Siege

Unlike other customized controllers online, you will notice that our modded Rainbow Six Siege controller for PS4 and Xbox One is incredibly affordable. We offer you better customization opportunities than other companies online. With our new controllers, you have an endless variety of options like programming your buttons and more.


You can easily personalize your controller and alter it to fit your style of play. We understand that you have the intense desire to play hard and skyrocket up the rankings lists.

This modded Rainbow Six Siege controller for PS4 and Xbox One will accommodate your fingers, bringing you better leverage and an excellent experience. If you want the gaming advantage to destroy your adversaries be sure to order a modded Rainbow Six Siege controller for PS4 and Xbox One now from!