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Customize & Build A PS5 Controller

The Word “Custom” is something that the gaming world loves to hear. It can be anything related to customizable gaming. You can customize it based on your liking and convenience. In the same way, Custom PS5 controllers are gamepads that can be customized. The entire body design of the controller can be according to your preference. It includes the button placements too.

This development is new to the gaming world. Now gaming buffs can have customizable PS5 controllers at their disposal. This change eliminates the need to tinker with the settings of these stock gaming controllers.

Create a custom PS5 controller easily from Megamods. You can design and custom builds your controllers at affordable prices now.

What’s A Custom PS5 Controller?

Let us dig a little deep into the discussion of what a custom PS5 controller is. A custom PS5 controller is a normal DualSense 5 Controller that goes through modifications. It does so to execute extra functions than the regular one.

The regular one refers to the one that comes straight off from the box. This custom controller carries a ton of unique features. These additional features aren’t present in stock PS5 controllers.

The most crucial part of a custom PS5 controller would be its mod chip. This special mod chip carries all the important data. The data is required to help the controller carry out functions and different tasks for the player.

You have to remember that customizing a PS5 controller isn’t illegal. It doesn’t change the original details of the controller. It only adds a small chip to it for added functions and features. It is similar to updating the software of a phone.

The Best Custom PS5 Controllers for PRO eSports

Gaming consoles are getting extra popular nowadays, and so are the games. With so many new consoles coming up, the players are getting extremely competitive. And most of these competitive players resort to using custom PS5 controllers to stay at the top of the game.

Popular gamers are using it a lot nowadays. There are a lot of custom PS5 controllers in the market today. So, picking the best one can be a little tricky. You need to pick one that meets your needs and preference. However, you need to do a little research.

If you are on the lookout for an ESPORT controller that is customized, then you need to pay attention to this buying guide. Our team covers all the technical information, tips, features, and things to look out for. You will need to look out for these things in a custom PS5 controller.

Customized Controller Features:

Using a top-notch quality controller will offer an excellent gaming experience. Different persons tend to benefit from different qualities. There are tons of PS5 controller options in the market. However, every player has their own needs concerning sensory capacity, weight, speaker quality, color, etc.

Enhanced Rapid-Fire

Games with shooting genres require you to quickly fire your weapons. You need to kill your opponent before he kills you. Sometimes players tend to shoot at the same time. But one gets killed first then the other.

It happens due to the absence of the rapid-fire method. These custom PS5 controllers allow you to fire faster compared to your opponents. It gives you an edge over them due to its quick-firing technique.

The Rapid firing technique is very crucial in FPS games. It allows you to obtain a rapid kill without having to lose the majority of your health bar. Plus, you can also earn bonus points through rapid kills. It will help you further in the game.

Extreme Quickshots

There are gamers that like snipping from distant areas in stealth mode. They don’t feel the need to move out in an assaulting way. These gamers will find the custom PS5 controller fitting for this reason.

Why? Because it enables players to get quick shots accurately. It will steady your aim automatically. Thus, allowing you to fire without losing aim at a high rate. These enhanced controllers will allow critical kills and easier headshots.

Sniping is always fun, especially when you are going for quick headshots against your enemies. You get to achieve higher scores by beating the achievements of top players worldwide. It truly is an amazing experience.

Super Fast Reload

No player has the time to reload in the middle of a shootout. It doesn’t just distract you, but you end up losing the match against your opponent. But the custom PS5 controller covers this aspect too.

You get to enjoy the feature of quick reloading. In this way, you don’t waste time and get to take out your opponent. You get to have the edge over them. Plus, quick reloads allow double the damages to your opponents.

The reloading factor acts as a game-changer in almost every match. You get to obtain something extra by creating your custom PS5 gaming controller.

Auto Aim (Aimbot)

Getting a good aim is difficult for almost every player in the gaming community. Plus, it is worse for players with shaky hands. It becomes extremely hard to aim at your opponents in situations like this.

These custom PS5 controllers possess the feature of securing an auto-aim on your opponents. Aimbot does this for you. It helps in auto assisting your aims to your enemies. You can secure continuous headshots from distant ranges.

It will boost both your points and kills in the game. This feature also makes it easier for you to view your opponents. It is very useful during mass movements in the game. The chances of getting a kill are at an all-time high now.

Button Remapping

The PlayStation 5 console has thousands and thousands of games with different genres. Every game carries distinct controls assigned to distinct buttons for gaming. But the case is a little different in the custom PS5 controller.

Here, you get to enjoy the privilege of remapping the button controls. The players can remap based on their liking and convenience. You don’t have to adjust to the original controls anymore. You get to be the creative director here.

The player can assign separate functions to separate buttons. They can do it based on their liking of the game. It offers an amazing experience to the players as it is customizable. Correctly placing the buttons will offer easier movements. It decreases the impact of stress on your fingers.

Affordable Pricing

Yes, the features are insanely good and tempting. Gaming enthusiast buys custom PS5 controllers regardless of how much it costs. Many retailers are selling these controllers at very high prices with average quality. And some sell them at very low prices with bad quality. However, our custom PS5 controllers are available at a reasonable price tag. We don’t compromise the quality at all. You can expect high-performing custom controllers without having to pay much.

These custom PS5 controllers consist of high-grade materials. Plus, the internal structure of the controller is too intact. It feels quite the same as the original controller. Quality and budget are the two main features of these controllers.

Now is the time to purchase these budget custom PS5 controllers from us. You will get to enjoy all the above features in these controllers. It will help you stay at the top of your game.

Compatible with All PlayStation 5 Games

Megamods support a wide collection of custom PS5 controllers. Every one of these controllers possesses the latest special chip. This chip provides a plethora of customization capabilities, features, and modifications. It does so, regardless of the platform.

Evil enables you to create your controller according to your inputs, whether you are on the lookout for a modded PS5 controller or to buy a custom one. You can choose the custom colors for every button present on the controller.

You can also remap, reprogram your buttons, and custom design your paddles. There is also a feature that allows you to insert an LED indicator when making a custom controller.

These custom controllers are fully compatible with a broad list of PlayStation 5 games. But they are the best fitting for playing FPS video games. If you want to improve your FPS gameplay skills, then these Evil custom PS5 controllers should do the job for you. You will notice major enhancements once you try it.

It is important to know that custom PS5 controllers have just modified DualSense 5 controllers with additional features. They have functions that meet the different needs of the player. Hence, a custom PS5 controller can execute every function of the original PS5 controller and more.

It includes playing FPS games. This customized gamepad that we are offering guarantees a wonderful gameplay experience. The games that combine complexity, challenges, anxiety, tension, action, and excitement form an important part of the gaming experience.

The custom PS5 controller is perfectly suitable for these types of games. Some of the best FPS games that are playable with the custom controller are:

  • Atomic Heart – Atomic Heart is an FPS game set in a strange environment. It is like being in an alternate universe. The plot takes place during the Soviet Union’s high noon. You get to play as a special agent of the Soviet government. You will need Quickshots and rapid firing, which calls for a custom PS5 controller.
  • Battlefield 6 – Battlefield 6 has its target on innovations that would be permitted by next-gen platforms. Games like Battlefield always require rapid firing and quick reloading, or you won’t survive. You can get a hold of these features only on the custom PS5 controller.
  • Call of Duty: Cold War – Target, Flow, Stealth, and Speed are a must when you play Cold of Duty. Especially, with the latest addition in the Cold of Duty franchise, additional gaming features are needed. You can obtain them from custom PS5 controllers. It will give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Deathloop – This game will keep you on the edge 24×7. You will have many opponents after you. It is the survival of the fittest. The only way to escape this nightmare is to eliminate all of them. You need a custom PS5 controller at your disposal. It will help you stay covered on every step of the game.

These are just some of the highly anticipated games coming your way. You can expect many more. These custom controllers are going to work with any type of game that you have in mind.

Get a Custom Paint Job for Your PS5 Gamepad:

We also offer custom paint services for your controllers. Not only that, but we cover everything from colors to design and to features. We bring the vision of our customers to life by taking in their preferences and requirements.

Airbrush painting for your custom PS5 controller is possible now. Everything is achievable with the airbrush painting. You just need to provide us with the details on how you want it to look. A personalized look and feel is what all customers want.

Our airbrush painting offers a perfect mixture of matching colors. We use nothing but high-quality paint at all times. The finished product will be able to withstand any atmospheric conditions. It is highly durable and doesn’t fade away. You will be happy to hear that it is resistant to corrosion.

Top Quality Airbrush Painting

Our airbrush painting isn’t prone to cracks or brush marks after drying. The result appears evenly spread out. Our experts use the right quantity of every paint color to blend. It produces a beautiful thin coat.

The work takes place professionally to make your controller stand out among the rest. The design of your controller will also reflect your personality. Plus, you can always identify your controller. The chances of you losing or misplacing it would be zero.

You will also be able to differentiate your controller from the rest. It elevates your gaming experience. It just might be a morale booster for you too. You might not realize it, but painting acts as a protection.

Our airbrushing service helps your controller to serve you longer. It doesn’t matter if you use it under different atmospheres or for extended periods. It can withstand any type of interaction and remain new and durable.

Benefits of Using Custom PS5 Controllers

Custom PS5 controllers offer gamers the chance to personalize their gaming experience. They get to be the top designer and customize different parts. Everyone has their style of carrying out their work.

They have distinct structures and separate ways of using parts. No wonder their favorable gaming always remains the same- the same old school type of gaming. Nowadays, the old school controllers are created as a single design unit.

It provides usability to all the players out there. Everyone needs to get accustomed to that controller. It is that gaming controller with a singular design. However, it is changed now due to the creation of custom controllers.

Gamers have full power to customize their controllers based on their liking. They can pick from a wide range of skins. It can be from solid skins to the ones with patterns. You can also choose to add extra build materials for a refreshing look.

It is also possible to change the color of your buttons. It will complement the style even more and match the look. Many latest functions and features are present in these custom gaming controllers. We add many extra features that are absent on the original piece.

Why Purchase from Us?

You will come across tons of sites when looking for the top places to customize your controller. However, to obtain the best quality custom PS5 controllers, you need to approach Megamods.

We offer many mod packs and gears at reasonable prices. We offer different varieties that are suitable for both rookies and professionals. Some of the factors that make our brand different include:

  • Quality – All of our gaming controllers, gears, mods, accessories, and designs are of the best quality. Megamods is all about technicality, design, and durability.
  • Variety – Megamods supports a ton of options for you. You can pick a design of your choice and bring your vision to life. Choosing Megamods will guarantee you a custom controller of your style.
  • Global Delivery – Distance doesn’t limit us from giving our customers what they want. You can be from any part of the world and order your custom controller. We have got you covered on that.
  • Quick Shipping – We are always running that extra mile to eliminate late deliveries. You best believe that your product will reach your doorstep at the earliest. Late deliveries are never an option for us.
  • Customer Service – We prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team is available 24×7 to attend to your grievances. All of your queries will be taken care of through texts and calls.

Some Things You Should Know About Customized Gaming Controllers

Custom PS5 controllers are perfectly legal to use. They don’t exert any type of violation on gaming terms. These custom controllers just go through modifications to meet the personal preferences of the gamers.

They come with a chip to improve the gaming experience. It increases comfort and decreases the pressure on our joints and fingers. You get to enjoy full functionality in gaming. Just make sure to hone your skills to keep practicing. The combined efforts of your skills and the custom controller’s capabilities will take you to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize My PS5 Controller?

Yes, you most certainly can. Customizing your factory-built PS5 controller will take your gaming life to a new level. You get to choose your style and design according to your liking.

It will make your controllers unique and advanced than the regular ones. You can even customize your touchpad, home button, faces button, triggers, etc.

What Does Custom PS5 Controller Do?

A custom controller doesn’t just have an attractive appearance. But you have the opportunity to execute many functions with it. For instance, you can place the buttons according to your convenience.

You can even add extra buttons too. It will allow you to engage quickly and stay ahead of your opponents.

Can I Get Banned in Games for Using Custom Controllers?

No, you won’t face bans for using a custom controller. You only put yourself in a position to be banned by using cheat codes or third-party software. It isn’t illegal to mod your controller.

Customizing involves adding a special chip for the controller to perform better. It doesn’t hinder the original content in any way.

What Is the Difference Between Normal and Custom Controllers?

The main difference would be the fact that the custom controller carries a unique design. Plus, it has extra added functions, which the normal ones do not have.

For instance, the custom controllers possess additional buttons, rapid firing, and more. They also carry extended triggers to offer an upper hand.

Can I Choose What Mods My Controllers Will Have?

Yes, you get to choose the mods for your controller. After all, you are the player here, and your needs will differ. For instance, some players perform better with extended triggers while others don’t. You have a ton of options to choose from.

Some of the mod packs include:

  • Quick Scope
  • Custom Buttons
  • Rapid Fire
  • Auto Aim
  • Fast Reload
  • Extended Triggers

Can I Choose the Controller Design and Color?

Yes, Of course, you can! You can pick one that best reflects your personality and style. It is all according to your taste.

What Is the Shipping Time?

Delivery will take place in a matter of days or a few weeks. It all depends on your distance and location.

Can I Order Controllers Worldwide?

As long as you are not staying on an isolated island, you can order them globally. We deliver to customers from all parts of the world.