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Customize & Build A PS4 Controller

When you use the word custom that means something that can be customized by you according to your preferences and requirements. Similarly, custom PS4 controllers are customizable gamepads that can also be designed according to your preferences. The whole outlook of the controller and even the placements of buttons can be designed according to your choice.

This is a new development in the gaming world as now gamers can get their customized controllers and they don't have to rely on setting their hands-on stock gaming controllers. Build a custom PS4 controllers from MegaMods now to design and customize a controller at a reasonable price.

What's A Custom PS4 Controller?

Let us first discuss what a custom PS4 controller is. A custom controller is essentially a regular DualShock 4 controller which has been modified to perform additional functions. They often come filled with unique features which are not found in stock PlayStation 4 controllers, for example the back buttons and extended triggers.

The most important part of a custom controller for PS4 is the special mod-chip that comes with it. In this chip lies all the necessary information which carries out tasks and functions on behalf of the player. One thing to keep in mind is that customizing a controller is not illegal as it does not alter the original contents of the controller, but merely adds a chip to it.

Custom controllers allow players to remap their buttons, remap their paddles, change the all the buttons and pads, add rubberized padding to the grips and also enable the players to add skins to the controller body. It also allows you to build your controller from scratch with the help of a digital controller creator. The PS4 controller creator software will enable you to configure your controller, add and customize design elements, etc. and will allow you to see a final render of your designs along with an estimate of its price.

The Best Custom PS4 Controllers for PRO eSports

PS4 controller with back buttons

With gaming consoles becoming very popular and the number of game titles increasing, players are also becoming more competitive than ever. Therefore, to have the upper hand while gaming, custom controllers for PS4 have become extremely popular amongst gamers.

However, with the increase in popularity of custom PS4 controllers, there are a lot of them available on the market today. Therefore, selecting the best one which will suit your needs is not easy and will require the right amount of research. As such if you are in search of a customized eSports controller for PS4, then this buying guide is for you. We cover the features, technical information, tips and things to watch out for while looking to buy a custom PlayStation 4 controller.

Customized Controller Features:

Enhanced Rapid-Fire

When you are playing a game of shooting genre you have to fire your weapons quicker than your opponents to make a kill otherwise you can fail. Sometimes both player fires simultaneously, but one gets killed early because of the unavailability of rapid-fire technique. These custom PS4 controllers enable you to shoot faster than your opponents at a faster rate, providing you an edge above others.

Rapid-fire is very important in FPS games so that you can get a rapid kill without losing much of your health points. Getting a rapid kill also gains you bonus points which can be used further in the game.

Extreme Quickshots

Those gamers who like sniping from far areas in stealth rather than moving out for assault will feel the need for these custom controllers as it allows you to take quick shots with more accuracy. It automatically steadies your aim so that you can fire at a very high rate without missing the aim.

You can easily deal more headshots and critical kills with these enhanced custom gaming controllers. Sniping is fun when you deal with quick headshots to the opponents and gain higher scores beating achievements other gamers worldwide.

Super-Fast Reload

Nobody wants to stick in the middle of a heavy shootout and reload. It even distracts you from your opponent and makes you lose your game. But with custom PS4 controllers you get the option of faster reload so that you don't have to wait for shooting your opponent in heated situations.

You can also do more damage to your opponents when you reload at a faster rate than normal. The reloading factor is also a game-changer for many gamers to achieve something extra by building their own custom ps4 gaming controllers.

Auto-Aim Enabled

Many gamers feel difficulty in aiming the opponents and some have shaky-hands which doesn't let them correctly aim at their opponents creating a hassle for them. These PS4 custom controllers come with the feature of auto-aiming the target which is done by Aimbot. This feature will auto assists you in aiming your opponents from far ranges and getting continuous headshots, increasing both kills and points for the gamer.

The auto-aim feature is also very useful in getting a view of the opponents, which were ignored due to max movements of the player which increases the chance of getting a kill.

Button Remapping

There are millions of games available of different genres for PlayStation 4 consoles. Every game has different controls assigned to different buttons for playing. But with custom gaming controllers for PS4 you can easily remap the button controls according to your preferences so you don’t have to adjust according to those controls.

You can assign different functions to different buttons according to the preferences of the game. This creates an amazing gaming experience for gamers as this controller is fully customizable from inside out. Getting everything placed will ease the movements and reduces the stress impacts on your fingers.

Affordable Pricing

When we talk of these many features then there is one thing that strikes is the pricing of the product. If the pricing is low then the quality matters and if the cost is high then it feels expensive. But custom gaming controllers are available at budget-friendly prices with exceptional quality, especially on our website. They have used high-grade materials to build and their internal structure is too intact, which feels similar to the original one.

Best quality and budget costing are also two main features of these custom gaming controllers. Buy cheap custom PS4 controllers from us to ensure that you get all these features available in your controller.

Compatible with All PlayStation 4 Games

MegaMods offers a wide range of custom PS4 controllers. All these controllers feature the latest chip which offers a ton of features, modification and customization capabilities to it irrespective of the platform.

Whether you are looking for to buy a custom or modded PS4 controller, Evil allows you to build your controller based solely on your inputs. Besides the chip which comes with all the controllers of any platform, you can select custom colors for all the buttons that come with the controller, remap as well as custom design the paddles, reprogram the buttons. Also, there is the ability to add an LED indicator while creating a custom controller.

The custom controllers which can be bought from Evil are compatible with a wide variety of games on the PlayStation 4 platform. However, they are best suited for playing First Person Shooter video games. Hence, if you are looking to improve and enhance your gameplay skills while playing your favorite First person shooter game on your PlayStation 4, custom controllers from Evil should be considered.

MegaMods customized PlayStation 4 controller

Benefits of PS4 Custom Controllers

Custom controllers give you the ability to personalize your gaming experience by designing it in your way. Every part that can be customized is flexible based on your choices. There are billions of people in the world and almost everyone has a different style of doing their work. They have different structures and different ways of using a part. Then why their most favorable gaming remains the same old school?

Now the old school gaming controllers are made only as a single designed unit for providing usability to all the gamers out there and everyone has to get used to that one singularly designed gaming controllers. But now this thing has changed since the development of custom gaming controllers.

Gamers can even now personalize their gaming controllers according to their choices. They can choose from widely available skins from solid to patterned and even extra build material can also be included in these custom controllers which give the controllers a new refreshing look that feels like their own. You can even change the color of the buttons to match your style.

Various new features and functions are now available in custom gaming controllers. It has added many new abilities that are not present on the original one.

Verdict on Usage of Custom Gaming Controllers

Custom PS4 controllers are legal to use and don't exert any violation of gaming terms. These gaming controllers are just modified for personal preferences and have a chip to enhance the gaming experience, increase comfort and minimize the pressure exerted on the fingers and joints. It lets you use the full functionality games so that you enjoy more gaming rather than thinking of stresses.

But keep a thing in mind that these custom controllers are just to increase comfort and enhance gaming functionality. It won’t automatically make you a gaming star without your skills. Skills combined with the features of custom gaming controllers can open a way to become a gaming champion, but the hard work has to be done by you to achieve that top spot. Try out these PS4 controllers with back buttons and design it specifically to your taste to take on a new gaming experience.