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What’s A Modded PS4 Controller?

A modded PS4 controller is a regular controller which are modified in a way that adds new features, functions, and capabilities which are absent in the original one. The purpose of modified controllers is to enhance the gaming experience to increase performance, speed, accuracy, ease of use, etc.

The mods of these gamepads are back buttons, extended triggers, rapid-fire, fast reload and much more. So if you are looking to buy modded controllers for PS4, then the MegaMods gamepad is one of the best modded PS4 controllers for sale.

Controller Features & Mod Packs:

Modified PlayStation 4 controllers come equipped with features that allow you to shoot and reload faster, sprint and run longer while playing games with just the click of a button.

Modifications also extend to the design and look of your PS4 controller which would include the color and skin. At MegaMods, you can get an airbrush paint job for your PS4 controller. The prints are done using high resolution with any combination of different shades of colors your mind can imagine.

The MegaMods PS4 controller comes pre-equipped with up to 20 slots which are customizable, nine pre-configured modifications and up to 1000 customization options for the controller.


These controllers allow you to shoot weapons at speeds faster than your opponents, giving you a technical advantage while also allowing you to adjust rates manually. This mod makes it possible to empty your clip in no time. With faster shooting speeds (rapid-fire mod) comes the need for fast reload times, and the controller will enable you to do just that.

Fast Reload

Reload times are much quicker with modified PS4 controllers, allowing you to inflict more damage to your opponents. No one likes to wait for their weapon to reload, especially in heated situations.

With these controllers, you won’t have any problems with that. Fast reload times can save you a lot of deaths and make your kill to death-ratio a lot better.

Quick Shots

For people who are into shooting with sniper rifles, the modded PlayStation 4 controller also allows you to take accurate quick shots as it automatically steadies your aim.

This PS4 mod pack is fantastic and works for all FPS games to get your sniper skills in check. Activate the feature, and you’ll have your quick shots down in a jiff.

Button Remapping

The controller also allows you to keep running with just the click of a button, making the gameplay easier while extending the life of the controller buttons. Besides all these built-in features, the MegaMods controller also allows you to remap the buttons and assign different functions according to the needs of the game, making it a genuinely customizable controller.

Akimbo Dual Wield

This feature allows players to fire guns in both hands at the same time. This can be advantageous while being in close-ranged battles with other players, especially while you’re playing FPS or Battle Royale games, and you are raiding someone else’s fort.

Auto-Aim (Aimbot)

Modded controllers for PlayStation 4 also comes with the auto-aim feature (also called aimbot). This mod pack will automatically aim at your enemies for you, just like aim-assist but more powerful. With the flick of a button, you can activate the auto-aim mod and get easy headshots on your opponents.

Affordable & High Quality

These controllers come equipped with another great feature, which is its budget-friendly price, and this makes it stand out from the rest. As such if you require a great PlayStation 4 controller, then the MegaMods modded controller is the one to get. Even if the price is budget friendly doesn’t mean quality has been lowered – On the contrary, these controllers are of high-quality grade.

RGB LED Lights

While the PS4 have LEDs installed on them, you can always get these LEDs installed in different positions as well as in different colors. Players often get the LED strip that goes along the edges of the controller and lights up as the player plays the game. It gives off a “Tron” like vibe, which is awesome once you get it for yourself.

You can custom design a controller to even light up the buttons so that you can view them in the night instead of the neon effect they usually have.


As a gamer, it is very annoying to have to click the left joystick every time you want to sprint through the map. It also becomes harder to fire anything with your weapon when you do so; hence, the best thing to do would be to get the modded controller that lets you sprint freely without having to click anything. This way, you can focus more on the firing than multi-tasking.

Skins & Wraps

We also offer you different choices of skins to personalize the look of your Ps4 controller. Our skins also come in different prints and textures; all in quality vinyl.

The Skins we offer also offer protection for your PS4 controller from scratches, express your personality via the designs and make for a better grip of your PS4 Controller. They are also lightweight, durable and removable. They also have water and dust resistant features and make for an accurate fit for your PS4 controller.

Benefits of Modded PS4 Controllers

What could be more exhilarating than buying a PS4 controller that enables you to shoot fast and with incredible accuracy? Besides, such controllers make your hands feel empowered. You can get into the zone where your mind and hands are synchronized. In the end, the experience of playing with such controllers makes you unstoppable.

The gameplay on PlayStation 4 is controlled by the DualShock 4 controller, which in itself is a competent controller and is filled to the brim with new and excellent features. However, with every new release, games are becoming more complicated, feature-filled, and demanding. As such, while playing new game titles, there might be instances where the PS4 controller might not be able to do justice to the game. It is during times like this that a modded PS4 controller becomes a necessity.

Besides, modded controllers for PS4 allow you the luxury of customizing your games to suit the occasion. You no longer need to download apps for enhanced gaming ability. Also, with these modified gamepads, you can choose from a wide array of functions or perks that help you play your favorite games whichever way you want.

Reshaped Paddles

Every gamer has their own style of playing and their own style of holding the controller as well. You find yourself pressing the buttons from the comfort of your paddles, but not all players are fine with the standard controllers. Some need them to be slightly twisted outwards, inwards, or even a bit longer than usual.

Gamers have different hand sizes, so the controller doesn’t need to fit in their hands properly. To get this problem fixed, gamers can request to make customized controllers for them. The controller may come at a higher price than normal, but it will be completely worth it to know that you’re playing your game well now.

Demand and Competition

Following the increased demand and growing interest in enhanced features, companies went all out outdoing each other. Presently, there are two main categories of modifications; those that support shooting and those that do not. The former enhances your gaming character’s firing abilities while the latter provides more battle skills.

Our modded PlayStation 4 controllers for sale are available in variants. Some allow you to use handguns from both hands simultaneously using one button. Another feature enables a character to make a move, say like dropping to the ground while shooting. You will also come across mods that provide for fast ammunition reloads while others have enhanced sniping capabilities.

About PlayStation 4

The PS4 short for PlayStation 4 is a gaming console which has been developed and launched by Sony Corporation. The PS4 was released in the year 2013 and is an eight generation product, and it is widely regarded as the most popular console in the world, with millions of it being sold worldwide.

The PS4 comes equipped with robust hardware and excellent software, allowing it to handle any game that you throw at it with ease. The PS4 as such supports a ton of gaming titles across all genres, making it a favorite console among people of all ages.

What Make Us The Best Source For PS4 Modded Controllers

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  • Offers of Different Options: Deciding to get your PS4 modded controller from us would offer you different great options for you to choose from. We assure you that we have all it takes to deliver a Ps4 Controller that meets your every specification.
  • Delivery Wherever You Are: You are guaranteed that your orders would be delivered to you regardless of where your location. This means that we deliver the best of gaming experience worldwide. Your location is should not deprive you of getting your PS4 modded controller.
  • Quick Shipping Services: We take addition steps to make sure your orders get delivered to you very quickly. We eliminate any factor that may attempt to do otherwise. You can be sure that trough our fast shipping services, you product will get to you as soon as you expect.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: Your maximum satisfaction as our customer is guaranteed. We ensure you have our customer support as soon as it is needed and your calls, complaints and enquiry are attended to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Mod my own PS4 controller?

Absolutely! You can modify controllers very effortlessly these days. We are among one of the many teams that help gamers to add a personal touch to their game controllers and make them individualistic and unique. This was not the case a couple of years ago. However, with innovations and developing technologies, you can very well mod your own controller.

What does modded controllers do?

Modded or custom controllers do the same thing that most game controllers do. But they do it in style. For one, modded controllers have exciting and eclectic aesthetics. But the best part about modded controllers is in their elevated performance. They perform faster, have more accuracy, and are easy on the hands as well.

Can you get banned in games for using modded PS4 controllers?

A straightforward answer? No.

Using modded controllers can improve your game in a significant way. But this in no way affects the software in the game. There is no way for you to manipulate the dynamics of the game. So, if this was a concern that has been nagging you, you can relax. You can safely use modded controllers and play as many games as you want.

What’s the difference between a normal DualShock and a modded PS4 controller?

There are a couple of reasons why modded controllers are different from a normal one. These reasons are:

  • Modded controllers are distinctly unique. It is because you can choose from cool skins and custom buttons.
  • They also stand out with extended trigger, additional buttons, reload mode, and rapid reload buttons, among others.

This is achieved by creating high-quality mod gears at affordable prices and in different varieties; suitable for both the beginner and the expert game player. The added features included in the structure of our PS4 modded controller are customizing your buttons, changing semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons, extending your triggers.

Can I choose what mods my controller will have?

Of course, you can. At, our goal is to assist our esteemed clients in choosing the best mods for their PS4 controllers. Some of the mods that you can choose from our inventory are:

  • Rapid-Fire mod
  • Quick-scope mod
  • Fast reload mod
  • Extended triggers
  • Auto aim (aimbot)
  • Custom buttons

And much more!

Can I choose the controllers design and color?

Yes, you can. A wide range of colors and designs are available in our inventory so you can pick the one according to your taste. Changing the skins and the stickers in your controllers are the fastest ways to inject interest and take your gadgets to the next level.

What’s the shipping time?

Our shipping time is greatly dependent on your location. That being said, we make it our mission to deliver the modded controllers to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. To know the precise shipping time of your location, contact us at

Can I order controllers worldwide?

Yes. You can order modded controllers from anywhere in the world. However, you do have to understand that you have to live in a country which is covered by shipping companies.

What games can I play with modded controllers?

With modded PS4 controllers, you can pretty much play All First Person Shooter games, including Battlefield and Call of Duty, among others.

Are Modified PlayStation 4 Controllers Legal?

With such a variety of modded PS4 controllers for sale, you might harbor concerns over their legality. Isn’t the use of these modifications illegal? Would it not be tantamount to cheating? In retrospect, while leading PS4 or Xbox makers such as Sony do not recognize third-party gaming pads, there is nothing wrong with using them.

Just as is the case with other gamepads, modded PS4 controllers have a special mod chip that speeds up the button-pressing sequence. As a human gaming enthusiast, there is only a certain sequence that you can press buttons on your console. Since you cannot be fast enough, the modified controller does this for you.

Cheating, not a worry

As for cheating, modded controllers do not alter the codes in earlier games. Instead, the gadgets minimize the pressure you exert on your fingers. You realize that after playing on your PlayStation for a long time, there could be discomfort on the fingers. Would you not find it to be a welcome relief to have a gaming controller whose buttons perform multiple functions when pressed once?

The added benefits are akin to the benefits you unlock as you progress to higher levels of the game at hand. However, you do not become a superhero overnight. You must beat the learning curve, meaning that you still need to familiarize with various aspects of your desired game. Before you become a pro, acing a PS game requires practice. There are no shortcuts; you must put in the time.

A device like any other

Therefore, Sony, Microsoft, or any other PS4 game developer will not ban or suspend your account for using a modded gaming controller. The only added advantage emanates from the special chip installed in the device. These enable you to execute commands and perform actions with more ease as compared to having an ordinary gamepad.

Always remember that our PS4 gamepads won’t automatically make you a professional eSport star. You must develop a gaming strategy, knowing when to hide, aim, and shoot. We offer a wide range of modded PS4 controllers for sale that can surely help you get to the top. To find out what would best suit your needs, simply browse through our inventory.