Modded Controllers for PS4

Buy Modded PS4 Controllers

A Modded controller is a regular controller which has been modified in such a way that it adds new features, functions and capabilities which are absent in the original one. The purpose of modded controllers is to enhance the gaming experience to increase performance, speed, accuracy, ease of use etc. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a modded PS4 controller, then the KillaModz is one of the best Modded PS4 Controller for sale. The KillaModz Modded PS4 controller is no ordinary controller as it packed with powerful features and additions which cannot be found in other modded controllers.

Modded Controller Features:

Modded PS4 controllers come equipped with features that allow you to shoot and reload faster, sprint and run longer while playing games with just the click of a button. The KillaModz PS4 controller comes pre-equipped with up to 20 slots which are customizable, nine pre-configured modifications and up to 1000 customisations for the controller.

Rapid Fire

These modded PS4 controllers allows you to shoot weapons at speeds faster than your opponents, giving you a technical advantage while also allowing you to adjust speeds manually. With faster shooting speeds (rapid fire) comes the need for fast reload times and the controller allows you to do just that. Thus reload times are much quicker allowing you to inflict more damage to the opponents. For people who are into shooting with sniper rifles, the controller also allows you to take accurate shots as it automatically steadies your aim as you are about to take a shot.

Button Remapping

The controller also allows you to keep running with just the click of a button, making the gameplay easier while also extending the life of the controller buttons. Besides all these built-in features the KillaModz controller also allows you to remap the buttons and assign different functions according to the needs of the game, making it a truly customisable controller.

Budget Friendly

The KillaModz Modded PS4 Controller comes equipped with another great feature which is its budget-friendly price, and this makes it stand out from the rest. As such if you are in need of a great modded PS4 controller, then the KillaModz Modded PS4 Controller is the one to get. Even if the price is budget friendly doesn't mean quality has been lowered - On the contrary, these modded PS4 controllers are high quality grade.

Benefits of Modded PS4 Controllers

The gameplay on Playstation 4 is controlled by the DualShock 4 controller, which in itself is a competent controller and is filled to the brim with new and excellent features. However, with every new release, games are becoming more complicated, feature filled and demanding. As such while playing new game titles, there might be instances where the PS4 controller might not be able to do justice to the game. It is during times like this that a modded PS4 controller becomes a necessity.

PlayStation 4

The PS4 short for PlayStation 4 is a gaming console which has been developed and launched by Sony Corporation. The PS4 was released in the year 2013 and is an eight generation product, and it is widely regarded as the most popular console in the world, with millions of it being sold worldwide. The PS4 comes equipped with powerful hardware and excellent software allowing it to handle any game that you throw at it with ease. The PS4 as such supports a ton of gaming titles across all genres making it a favourite console among people of all ages.