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What’s A Modded GTA 5 Controller?

For those of us that love GTA 5 Online, there is new and exciting news in the gaming world. If you have been searching for a modded GTA 5 Online controller for PS4 and Xbox One look no further.

When you are playing GTA 5 Online, you will want a controller that is custom for the game. You want to get the best from this game and what we at have to offer you is exceptional. Our new modded controller for GTA 5 Online, gives you the ability to harness the controller for the best gameplay possible.

Our new GTA V controller is exclusively here and gives you the abilities to play at higher elite levels.

Controller Features:

This new controller gives you access to better maneuverability and a unique look and style that will impress your friends. If you want to level up and get a better gaming experience, then we encourage you to read all about our modded GTA 5 online controller for PS4 and Xbox One that is exclusively available here at!

If you have been playing GTA 5 Online for a long time, or if you are a complete rookie, you will benefit from this new customized controller. This new modded GTA 5 Online controller is available for both the Xbox One and PS4 gaming enthusiasts.


This modded GTA 5 online controller gives you almost unlimited options, which include the ability to program the buttons. You can easily personalize your controller as well as make any tweaks or adjustments that you desire. You can also incorporate the options of hotkeys and other features that will make GTA 5 much more fun.


You can now auto aim and rapid-fire in GTA 5 online with our modded controller! We have implemented the best mods specifically designed for Grand Theft Auto V Online gameplay. Try it yourself; you won’t be disappointed with the number of kills you can rack up in-game.


Our customized controller is ergonomic and accommodates your fingers for faster play and control. If you want an edge and an advantage on the network we suggest you grab this remote while it is in on your mind.

The best modded GTA 5 controllers

If you want the very best modded GTA 5 Online controller for Xbox One or PS4 look no further. At we offer you exclusive gear that brings gaming to whole new elite levels! This controller offers you a snug and comfortable fit that will give your hands a firm grip and access to unparalleled gaming that stock controllers can’t bring you. At we are a very serious group of gamers who created this new controller for people who want an edge. We understand that you need better results and flexibility with your controller.

Benefits of Using A Modded Controller in GTA Online

The benefits and features of these new modded GTA 5 controllers are extensive, and the list of qualities they bring a gamer is almost endless. Now compared to other custom controllers on the market, you will find that this GTA 5 Online controller found exclusively here at is affordable.

Better Gameplay

Our controllers have been receiving excellent reviews for plenty of reasons. They are lightweight and offer you a customized form of gameplay that nobody else online can provide you with. There are plenty of controller companies, but this exclusive build will give GTA 5 gamers a whole new world of gameplay. You can also try a mod menu trainer if you’re into that – it gives plenty of new features.