Fortnite Modded Controller

Buy modded Fortnite controllers for PS4 & Xbox One

Among the sea of modded Fortnite controllers for Xbox One and PS4, the one that stands out from the rest is Evils modded Fortnite controller. The  controller is offered with more than 12 types of modification options to choose from, and players can use them based on their play style or requirements. Besides the impressive hardware features, the software that comes with the Fortnite Controller is also equally impressive allowing you to create multiple custom profiles based on your gameplay, strategy etc.

For anyone who is starting to play Fortnite, or for seasoned veterans, this modded Fortnite controller will fit right into your hands giving you unmatched gaming experience.

Controller Features:

The modifications options that are offered on this Fortnite controller allow you to unleash the power of your weapons with just the click of a button.

Modded controllers cannot truly be called modified unless the controller has been modified both externally as well as internally. As such Evils modded Fortnite controller allows you to not only modify the internal physical components, but it also allows you to customise and modify the external look of your Fortnite controller.

The first step involves choosing a body of your liking, which is offered in a wide variety of colours and textures, and then you can customise other parts which include the d-pad, the buttons, the joy-sticks and the add-ons as well.


A great thing about these controller mods for Fortnite is that they come with a programmable option which allows you to personalise and tweak the buttons of the controller based on your inputs and liking.  This means you can configure your normal PS4 or Xbox One buttons for different actions in-game.


The special thing about modded Fortnite controllers are that they allow you to jump in the air and fire at your enemies simultaneously. This Fortnite modification also allows you to scope with your rifle, take a shot and then come back to the original position with just the click of a button.


The weapon modification settings will enable you to turn your semi-automatic weapons into a fully automatic weapons and vice verse. This allows you to burst fire a number of shots automatically in Fortnite. Now that's how you'll get those sweet wins!


A favourite feature amongst users of the Fortnite modded controller is the Fast Build feature. It allows you to build structures anytime and anywhere instantly with just the click of button. After a structure has been built, it automatically exits the build mode. The paddles that are available on the Fortnite controller can be individually assigned to build specific structures, which can be configured on the go.


The next feature allows you to assign Hotkeys for your weapon selection. This feature allows you to assign two paddles as hotkeys for selecting your weapons which are contained in slot 1 and 5. As such, pressing any of the assigned hotkeys selects the assigned weapon for you. Using this feature allows players to draw and swap weapons with any of the two paddles allowing faster gameplay and functionality.


The Paddles of the Fortnite controller for PS4 and Xbox One has also been designed in a way that accommodates fingers of varying sizes. With ease this allows excellent grip and control, fast finger movements while also being comfortable at the same time. This will give you an edge over your opponents allowing you to play for extended periods of time.

What's Fortnite Battle Royale?

Fortnite Character

Fortnite is an online battle royal game in which up to a total of 100 players are placed together in an island which is continuously shrinking and the last person to survive wins the game.

The game is based on a combination of building and shooting, which makes the possibilities endless and fun filled. As a result, the game has become extremely popular and has taken the world by storm, with it being available on multiple platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The great thing about these modded Fortnite controllers are its pricing. Though these controllers allow for a very wide range of modification and customisation, thus adding multiple features to it, it is still very affordable. The pricing is also based upon the number of features that you equip it with during the purchase.  Since Fortnite is an online battle royal game, it comes with a vast variety of functions and playing it on a regular controller can become a bit of a hassle. This is where a modded Fortnite controller for Xbox and PS4 comes in to play.