Custom Controllers - Build Your Own

Buy custom controllers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

What's A Custom Controller?

Let us first discuss what a custom controller is. A custom controller is essentially a regular controller which has been modified to perform additional functions. They often come filled with unique features which are not found in stock controllers. The most important part of a custom controller is the special chip that comes with it. In this chip lies all the necessary information which carries out tasks and functions on behalf of the player. One thing to keep in mind is that modding a controller is not illegal as it does not alter the original contents of the controller, but merely adds a chip to it.

The Best Custom Gaming & E-Sport Controllers

With gaming consoles becoming very popular and the number of titles increasing, players are also becoming more competitive than ever. Therefore, to have the upper hand while gaming, custom controllers for PS4 and Xbox One have become extremely popular amongst gamers.

However, with the increase in popularity of modded gaming controllers, there are a lot of them available on the market today. Therefore, selecting the best one which will suit your needs is not easy and will require the right amount of research. As such if you are in search of a modded gaming controller than this buying guide will offer you with the features, the technical information, tips and things to watch out for, while looking to buy a custom controller.

Chip Features

There are a lot of companies which offer custom controllers which have their unique custom chip embedded in them. Each company's chip has different attributes, and no two company's custom chips are similar to each other. The chips might differ according to their memory, their processing speed, their modification potential, etc. The companies also make sure that they create custom controllers for various platforms, thus ensuring that there is a custom controller for each type of console.

Custom controllers allow players to remap their buttons, remap their paddles, change the all the buttons and pads, add rubberized padding to the grips and also enable the players to add skins to the controller body. It also allows you to build your controller from scratch with the help of a digital controller creator. The controller creator software will enable you to configure your controller, add and customize design elements, etc. and will allow you to see a final render of your designs along with an estimate of its price.

Available Games & Platforms

KillaModz offers a wide range of custom controller for all types of platforms which include PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. All these controllers feature the latest chip which offers a ton of features, modification and customization capabilities to it irrespective of the platform.

Whether you are looking for to buy a custom PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller, Evil allows you to build your controller based solely on your inputs. Besides the chip which comes with all the controllers of any platform, you can select custom colors for all the buttons that come with the controller, remap as well as custom design the paddles, reprogram the buttons. Also, there is the ability to add an LED indicator while creating a custom controller.

The custom controllers which can be bought from Evil are compatible with a wide variety of games on both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms respectively. However, they are best suited for playing First person shooter video games. Hence, if you are looking to improve and enhance your gameplay skills while playing your favorite First person shooter game in your PlayStation or Xbox, custom controllers from Evil should be considered.