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If you classify yourself as a serious gaming enthusiast then we are sure you know about modded Battlefield 1 controllers for Xbox One and PS4 that are being talked about and offered online. The top choice amongst these controllers that gaming enthusiasts have approved of, is brought to you by

This new controller that we offer gives you 12 types of modification that you can select. As a serious gamer, you can change and improve your controller to help you with your exact gaming style and the requirements you need. You have the opportunity to customize your controller for serious advantages for Battlfield 1.

What’s A Modded BF1 Controller?

Have you heard about modded controllers and what they can bring you when you play Battlefield 1? A modded controller is only classified under the category of, “modified” when the controller is altered both physically, internally and it must also include software. This modded controller for Battlefield 1 gives you the option to change the physical attributes of the controller.

You can also customize the internal features of it too. You will no longer be hampered or held back by the usual issues with regular controllers. You no longer have to deal with any issues or hassles with this new release. You now have opportunities that include increased leverage, flexibility and your friends and fellow gamers will be jealous of you!

This new modded BF1 controller will impress you because of it’s versatility. You now have the ability to create multiple gaming profiles on the controller too. Your strategies and methods for gaming can be saved inside the software of the controller and you can slaughter your enemies easier.

Controller Features:


This one of a kind BF1 controller is only available here at It gives you the opportunity to unleash hell upon your foes with fast auto-aim features. You gain an intensive edge against your opponents and you won’t have to worry as much about accuracy. This modded controller for Battlefield 1 helps you deal with issues and solves them immediately.


You get a wide range of benefits when you use the rapid-fire modification that gives your BF1 controller further speed and the ability to defeat the enemy. You can use fully automatic firing mode modification that allows you to destroy your opponents with accuracy. You can unload a serious attack with a few flicks of your fingers.


Now every player that loves the sniper option can harness the benefits of the quick-scope modification on this controller. It gives you the option to destroy your foes from a distance with nasty head shots your opponent will never see coming. This feature is great and makes sniping out your enemies that much faster.


A great feature with these modded Battlefield 1 controllers is the opportunity to reload your firearms incredibly fast. This exclusive modification gives you the reloading option to arm yourself with ammunition so you are not caught off guard or running with an empty gun. Use this feature to get more fun from Battlefield 1 and have a higher lethal rating.


With this controller you can only find at, you can customize all the buttons to give you advantages that will destroy your enemies. You can easily customize the button features and configure them to fit your gaming style. You can easily alter and change your controller with the software too. Have the maximum leverage you need to experience the game the way champions play.


This modded Battlefield 1 controller for PS4 and Xbox One is extremly ergonomic and will help you game for hours on end. No more sore thumbs and cramps, these controllers are made for long hours of BF1 gameplay. You won’t be held back by the known restrictions and problems that are caused by the regular controllers of Xbox One and PS4.

Benefits of Using Modded Battlefield 1 Controllers

These exclusive modded controllers for Battlefield 1 for Xbox One and PS4 gives your gaming a real edge and it is affordable too. This custom controller for Battlefield 1 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offers you over 12 different modifications that you can customize.

You can change your controller to meet your strategic needs and maximize your gaming. There are too many advantages of these controllers to list and many people have approved of the unique array of functions and modifications with this controller. You know that regular controllers are a royal pain in the you know what. They bring hassles and problems.

This new controller gives you the best gaming experience for Battlefield 1. Just note, that you can only find this controller here at and you will have more fun with Battlefield 1!

Now if you need to unleash hell upon your enemies in the online world, you can experience this game at greater levels. You will no longer have to deal with confinement or restrictions that traditional Xbox One and PS4 controllers offer for games like this. With our new release with the modded controller for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 you will easily slaughter your enemies.


Do you want to play all day long without any issues like your hands cramping up, losing games or being defeated because of original controllers? You can easily customize and change the external appearance of these modded controllers for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for PS4 and Xbox One too.