About Us

We are a group of serious gamers who bring you the best products to heighten your gameplay, and we take it seriously. MegaMods is an online modding shop focusing solely on console eSport gaming gear, offering superior gaming controllers, mods, custom designs and accessories which will help you take your game experiences to new exciting levels.

Our goal is to bring out high-quality console gaming mod gear for affordable prices that can be used by both the seasoned pro and the complete newbie.

Our Team

A team of passionate gamers who are dedicated to helping gamers around the world gets a taste of the best gaming experience – that’s what describes us the best. Being a group of gaming aficionados ourselves, we understand your needs. We also know how it feels to not have access to the best custom PS4/X box controllers.

Our team has some of the best technicians who understand the game strategy and plans. They are trained professionals with a lot of work and gaming experience. This is what separates us from others. Other companies out there also do a pretty good customization job on the controller. But most of them have technicians who have zero experience with the games.

What we do

Whether you are a complete beginner at the game or consider yourself a master, you will enjoy our modding store. Our mods give you abilities you only thought were possible on PC; customize your buttons, change semi-automatic weapons into full auto and extend your triggers. We can also get you any skin on your console or controller to personalize your dear gaming system.

MegaMods is all about giving our customers the most enjoyable experience on our site. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact our friendly customer support team, and we will get back to you. We hope you find whatever you’re looking for here at MegaMods.net.

High Quality & Hard Work

MegaMods do not claim that we offer the best service, or that our controllers are the best in the market. We show it through our hard work, our product quality, and our love and respect for every customer. We also realize that ever-changing technology is sometimes hard to keep up with. This is why our technicians are trained from time to time so that they can do their job with confidence.

Send us feedback

MegaMods is also open to suggestions and feedback. We are professionals, but not perfect, and there’s always a room for improvement. This is why we are ever ready to hear your thoughts and opinions.

You can be sure that your custom controller is built and tested by our top guys. If you have anything to ask our team or have any questions, please feel free to ask.