About us

MegaMods is a modding online shop focusing solely on console eSport gaming gear. Offering superior gaming controllers, mods, custom designs and accessories which will help you take your game experiences to new exciting levels.  Our goal is to bring out high quality console gaming mod gear for affordable prices that can be used by both the seasoned pro and the complete newbie.

What we do

Our mods give you abilites you only thought were possible on PC; customize your buttons, change semi-automatic weapons into full auto and extend your triggers.  We can also get you any type of skin on your console or controller to personalize your dear gaming system.

MegaMods is all about giving our customers the most enjoyable experience on our site. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us and our friendly customer support team will get back to you. We hope you find whatever you're looking for here at MegaMods.net.